powerful combo

pagan rabbit - March 27, 2016pm

gold cross - March 27, 2016pm

Appreciating how we combine symbols during our Easter holiday.

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vessel of love

deer mother - November 28, 2014pm

I made this drawing a few years back, based on a photo found in a picture book.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall which ancient culture produced the vessel.  The Mayan, the Incan?  I’m not sure.

I only know that this image speaks to me, across time, of nurturing love…of the spirituality of common earthly love.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton
sky rope poetry

new sounds from old echoes

ankh mandala - October 23, 2014pm

Yet another mandala…

This one featuring a well-known symbol from Ancient Egypt: the ankh.

I must admit, I still not completely clear on the meaning of this symbol–though I have done a bit of reading.

Trouble is, even the experts don’t agree on its meaning.

So, as with all symbols, I’m left with this question: what (if anything) does it mean to me?

I’m still working on the answer. I only know the symbol provokes me—though I don’t find it very appealing.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton
dream steps: the blog

going up?

north - August 1, 2014pm

In Native American mythology

…the hero goes “North”, after having exhausted all other options on his quest…North is the unknown.

However, as I see it, sometimes you don’t choose North—North chooses you.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton

give ’em a chance

women peace - March 27, 2014pm

Before we leave Women’s History Month, I wanted to add this post.

Would the world actually be a more peaceful place with women at the helm?

I have my doubts…however, given the state of things, perhaps we should give them a chance.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton